Luhačovice is the largest Moravian spa. At the beginning of the last century moved small and insignificant spa ownership of noble Serenyi to the property of a point stock company based progressive Mudr. František Veselý. Currently is Luhačovice a perl among the Czech spa. The Luhačovice spa are popular for their calm and relaxed atmosphere. In this calm atmosphere you can use a number of devices for the treatment, be experienced the busy cultural life and enjoy good conditions for sports.

Luhačovice is set in a beautiful surroundings Vizovice highlands and the White Carpathians.


Zlín and a surrounding area:

Swimming pool Luhačovice

Baťa´s canal: is historical way of river Morava, realized in the thirties last century.
a foundation of a shoe company called Baťa in 1894.
in this village is a zoo. The first exotic animals in Lešná were in 1929.

Place of pilgrimage:

Velehrad: belongs to the most popular pilgrimage sites.
Hostýn: its dominates of the Hostýn Hills, it is a pilgrimage place with a church of St Mary.

Castles and points of interest
- Kroměříž
- Buchlovice
- Vizovice
- Rožnov pod Radhoštěm